Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No, really, I suck at this.

Like, seriously? Seven, almost eight months without posting? I"m so good at this.

Consider this a restart of said blog. Now, i just have to figure out the best way to put as much thought and emotion in this, without revealing too much to those who don't need to know.

Fuck I'm so tired right now...

In anycase, i feel like dumping creative shit into this blog, as well as (some) personal rantings. Hopefully, some of this will be reviewed (helpfully) by readers out there. I love constructive review, even if it sometimes is...unpleasant. 

Uh, yeah, so my D&D campaign is a big deal to me. It exercises my creative streak, and I like this. Recently, i have been playing Skyrim, and one of the most impressive aspects of Skyrim is all of the background "fluff". Books that give you skill points are written out, and so are the ones that give you nothing. Never mind that they are, in fact, small books. Many many many books. While I do not intend to create that much for my campaign, I have been working on a language and a history.

To this end, i have discovered that (specifically with the history) it is the easiest for me to write when I have questions to answer. Aka "what happened to cause this" or "tell me about this nation". As for the language, maybe someone out there can help me smooth it out, so to speak. My players have commented that the language is hard to remember and pronounce. I translate that, with my personal observation, as it being very hard to digest and very "harsh". Anyone who knows about that, i'd love to hear it.

Well, that seems to be it. Maybe more stuff later? I dunno. Lets keep in touch though, yeah?


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