Friday, April 15, 2011

Really messin with my Zen thing...

Wow, it's been about two weeks now? Damn.

So, spring break was relaxing, and very fun. Get back to school to have a wild ride through classes, registration, and financial aid (still not sure how thats gonna go down), but hey, that's life.

So, i'm thinking of doing something on here. I've already mentioned I may post some writings and such, but something else I'm interested in is posting ideas for a Role Playing Adventure Game (Like D&D), and hopefully get some feedback.

The idea behind it is a system where users wield the 4 elements (Earth Fire Air Water), very much like Avatar, the Last Airbender. I will take no shame and saying that this is definitely inspired by Avatar, specifically the "bending", but i have always had a fascination with stories and games around the primal elements, so Avatar is really just the pinicle, not the base.

Right now, i'm just trying to get some groundwork done, and hopefully start on the actual elements soon. I would love to have some feedback.


  1. That sounds a bit too common, I personally enjoy more creative content :D

  2. I think the oc will come out of the rest of the system, not the elements. But, what are some ideas you have?

  3. Well define the game limitations and objectives first, so it will be easier to generate ideas and comment.